7 Best Hostels in Budapest for Solo Travellers

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Budapest was created when thee cities, Buda, Obuda and Pest, joined forces to create the great Hungarian capital around 150 years ago. Buda is the quieter, classier side on the west whilst Pest is where the lively parts of the city are found.

When visiting Budapest, it’s best to stay on the Pest side so that you’re close to all of the bars and restaurants with easy access to the attractions. All the hostels on this list are on the Pest side.

Quick Summary:

This is part of my solo traveller hostel guides for Europe which also includes Prague, Rome, Florence, Barcelona and Madrid.

Overview of Hostels in Budapest

There is a lot of choice when it comes to hostels in Budapest including a huge selection of party hostels.

Price: Budapest isn’t as cheap as it once was, expect to pay in the region of €7-9 for a dorm bed, maybe more in peak times.

Activities: Most of the hostels in the guide will offer a shared meal and activities to help you mingle with other solo travellers and there is usually some sort of pub crawl.

Check in/out: Check in is usually between 2-3pm and checkout is normally at 11am although some hostels are a little earlier.

My Overall Verdict

As a solo traveller, you’ll want a hostel that’s got a great atmosphere for meeting other solo travellers and group events or activities.

The best overall hostel in Budapest for Solo Travellers is Hostel One Basilica

Not only is this hostel in the best location, right in the centre of the action.

But it has a great family vibe with shared meals and other events to mingle with the guests.

Hostel One Basilica is very lively but not quite a party hostel by Budapest standards.

The best party hostels for solo travellers in Budapest are The Hive and Wombats.

These hostels are very close to each other in an excellent central location.

Wombats is a bit bigger whereas The Hive is a small hostel with a cool basement bar.

Let’s jump into the full review of the best hostels in Budapest for solo travellers.

Best Hostels in Budapest for Solo Travellers

Best CHILLED Hostel #1: Hostel One Basilica

From €8.70

Free shared meals in the evening

Large kitchen and common area

Although it’s not a party hostel, can still get a bit noisy’

Hostel One Basilica has hit the nail on head when it comes to a great hostel for solo travellers.

They have tons of ways to make new friends including daily trips, free activities and a free shared dinner in the evening.

They have a large kitchen area (with free coffee) and a big common area that’s always a buzz of activity.

The staff here are one of the biggest pros. They will make you feel like part of the family and you’ll end up spending a lot of time with them through games and activities.

Expect clean and modern facilities and for once a hostel with enough bathrooms.

Check in is at 3pm and checkout by 11am which is quite standard for Budapest.

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Best CHILLED Hostel #2: Avenue Hostel

From €12

Welcoming social atmosphere

Free dinner three times per week and activities in bar

Karaoke, live music, pool table and more in the bar

Difficult to find the entrance

Pricey for Budapest

Budapest is such as buzzing city, that even a ‘chilled’ hostel compared to the others is still very lively.

Avenue has got the mix right, whilst it’s not a full on party hostel, there is certainly a lot of antics in the bar at night but plenty of quiet spaces and the noise does not carry to the rooms.

Finding the entrance can be a bit daunting, but once you’re inside you’ll find a trendy Hungarian hostel.

There is a free shared dinner three times per week and the hostel has a bar that serves reasonably priced drinks and hosts events such as a games night.

The location of Avenue is great as it’s right in the heart of the city. There’s a generous breakfast included with the stay.

Check in is at 2pm and checkout by 11am

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Best BUDGET Hostel: Meander Hostel

From €5

Cheap family dinner made by the staff

Lively bar with good beer

One of the cheapest hostels in Budapest

Not many bathrooms between the dorm rooms

Can be noisy in the evenings

As one of the city’s cheapest hostels, it’s hard to believe that Meander hostel has so much to offer.

The hosts are super welcoming and are long term travellers themselves who made a home in Budapest, so they really know what makes a good hostel. They can also provide you with any city information you need as a solo traveller.

There is always something happening at the hostel that will keep you entertained and meeting new people.

If you’re up for a party there is plenty of drinking at Meander hostel, but when you need to relax the bean bag chairs are so comfy you won’t get up again.

Every night the staff cook a cheap family dinner which is delicious and a great way to mingle.

They can book all sorts of other activities including:

  • Thermal baths
  • Caves
  • Boat or bus parties

The facilities are good with comfy beds and big lockers although there are a limited number of bathrooms.

Check in from 2pm and check out by 11am.

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Best PARTY Hostel #1: Hive party hostel

From €7

Right in the centre of Budapest’s nightlife

Bar and club downstairs

Karaoke, live music, pool table and more in the bar

Poor Wi-Fi in rooms

Can be loud at night if you’re a light sleeper

An alternative party hostel in Budapest is Hive which is located in Erzsébetváros, also known as district VII. This is right in the heart of the city’s thriving nightlife and is the best place to stay in Budapest if you want to be near clubs and karaoke bars.

The hostel itself has a bar downstairs that’s a great place to meet solo travellers, on weekends it transforms into a nightclub until 4am.

For a more chilled vibe, head to the rooftop area which has room for relaxing.

The staff here are enthusiastic and are used to solo travellers staying, they will get everyone involved in the drinking games.

Facilities are also great with comfy beds, lights and chargers for each person and key card lockers.

Check in from 3pm and checkout at 11am.

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Best PARTY Hostel #2: Wombats City Hostel

From €9

Events and activities

Lively ‘wom-bar’ and pub crawl

Clean and modern

Creaky beds

Noise from the street at night in some rooms

Earlier check out at 10am

I’m treating you to three epic party hostel suggestions in Budapest. Wombats City Hostel is another ideal choice for solo travellers.

The hostel is one of the recommended places to stay for party goers on tours such as Contiki, Busabout and Top deck so you know it’s a good choice.

Wombats run plenty of activities in the day and evening

Their ‘wom-bar’ is always lively and is a great place to get the drinks in before the pub crawl which is run every night.

The rooms are good sized with very safe lockers; however, the beds can be quite creaky.

Breakfast isn’t included but what you get for €3 is great value.

Check in from 2pm and check out from 10am which is earlier than most Budapest hostels.

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Best PARTY Hostel #3: Hostel one Budapest

From €9

Activities in the day and evening to meet other guests

Free family dinner every night followed by drinking games

Good kitchen to make your own food

It’s a party hostel so might not be suited if you’re looking for a quiet trip

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to party hostels in Budapest. However, most pf the party hostels are better suited to groups of people visiting Budapest. All except for Hostel One Budapest.

Hostel One Budapest attracts a lot of solo travellers and has plenty of ways to help you mingle including daytime and evening activities.

They have a decent kitchen for making your own food or at 7.30pm on the dot each night you can join the free family dinner and eat with the other guests.

After this, expect drinking games galore followed by a trip to one of the city’s best ruin bars or clubs lead by someone who knows the scene well.

The staff at Hostel One Budapest are extremely friendly, in fact, you’ll probably end up hanging out with them for a beer or two.

Check in from 3pm and check out at 11am.

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Best FACILITIES: Flow hostel

From €10

Two fully equipped kitchens and two lounges

Privacy curtains on each bed and big lockers

Clean and modern

No activities although they can recommend pub crawls, etc with other companies

Furthest away from the centre

Flow is a modern and wonderfully designed hostel in Budapest that has great facilities

The hostel has two kitchens with lots of space for dining and two lounges including a TV and sofas.

In the rooms you’ll find big lockers, great air conditioning for the hot days and a good level of privacy with curtains one each bed.

The downside to the hostel is that it doesn’t run any activities to mingle with other travellers, but the plentiful common areas make great places to meet new people.

If you need even more comfort, then you’ll have to check out the cosy hammocks too.

Flow hostel is further out of the main action area than the other hostels on this list so you would require using public transport to get into the city.

Check in from 2pm and check out at 10.30am.

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More Great Hostels in Budapest

Those are my top 7 recommended hostels for solo travellers in Budapest, but there are tons of other hostels to choose from.

If you are still stuck for ideas, here’s a few more to consider:

Retox Party Hostel – Great for hardcore party animals

This is a party hostel through and through with crazy staff and even crazier guests. They have lots of activities for solo travellers but these are usually alcohol fuelled including the alcohol Olympics.

There is a small but fully equipped kitchen. The dorm rooms are pretty big but usually very clean – who’s coming here to sleep anyway?!

Maverick Hostel – Great for older backpackers

Many of the hostels in Budapest are very targeted at young, partying backpackers. However, Maverick has a much more inclusive vibe attracting a mix of young and older guests.

The activities here are a lot more laid back so expect wine tasting instead of wild pub crawls. The hostel is in a beautiful old building in a convenient location for accessing the city.

There’s a nice common room which is perfect for solo travellers looking to socialise and you’ll find a kitchen for cooking your own food too.

The Lazy Muggle – Great for some downtime

This is a very chilled out hostel and is the perfect place to get some down time. There are lots of areas to hang out and meet other guests in a homey, relaxing environment.

They usually have friendly volunteers staying there who will make sure you’re having a good time. The facilities aren’t world class as it’s more like someone’s house, but the atmosphere more than makes up for this.

This may be a lazy hostel, but as is always the case with Budapest, if you do want to party then you have the chance to.

Vitae Hostel – Great for epic parties

Yet another epic party hostel in Budapest, what a crazy city. Whoever said you can’t organise fun hasn’t visited Vitae. The staff here arrange fun and sociable nights out including a bus party and boat party.

They coordinate activities with a few other hostels in Budapest, including Retox mentioned above, so there will always be a good turnout.

This hostel is good for solo travellers, but it also attracts some larger groups that are loud at night.

Is Budapest Safe to Travel Alone?

Yes, Budapest is a safe city and you shouldn’t have any trouble providing you’re sensible and watch out for things like pick pockets and scams. Try to stay in a busy area if you’re travelling alone and find people to go out with at night if possible.

With the above hostel recommendations, you should always be able to find a good group, or you could look for an organised pub crawl.

Two scams to watch out for are:

  • Taxi scams – A fake taxi service that will take you to your destination but charge you substantially higher price than it should be. You can walk most places in Budapest so should rarely need a cab. If you do, try the ride hailing app Bolt (formerly Taxify) or call one to pick you up.
  • Bar scams – This is mainly targeted at guys where two beautiful women will take you for drinks and ‘seduce’ you in to buying a few drinks which will turn out to be very expensive and they are in on the scam.


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