6 BEST Hostels in Florence for Solo Travellers

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The city of Florence was at the heart of the Renaissance, a period when art, culture and politics evolved after the middle ages.

Today, Florence remains a hugely important influence in art and is home to many world renowned museums and exhibits including David by Michelangelo.

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region so makes a great base to explore the surrounding parts of Italy. Popular day trips from Florence include Pisa, Cinque Terre and several Vineyards.

Florence is an excellent destinations for visiting alone with a thriving hostel scene and plenty of other solo travellers. Some of the hostels in Florence have more of a laid back and chilled out atmosphere whilst others are a little livelier.

This guide to the best hostels in Florence for solo travellers will help you decide which one is best for you.

Quick Summary:

Best Hostels in Florence for Solo Travellers

If you’re travelling alone in Florence you’ll be looking for a hostel with a strong social atmosphere and with plenty of other guests to mingle with.

Overall, I think the best hostel in Florence for solo travellers is PLUS Florence.

It’s a lively hostel with pools and a bar which can help you meet other solo travellers in Florence. The facilities are also pretty good.

However, if you prefer a calmer, laid back atmosphere, then I’d recommend My Friends Hostel.

True to the name of the hostel, it’s like staying with friends with a homely vibe. The hosts are friendly, and the facilities are top notch.

But these are not the only choices, here is a run down of the 6 best hostels in Florence for solo travellers:

Best PARTY Hostel: PLUS Florence

Indoor and outdoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna
Great social atmosphere
Karaoke, live music, pool table and more in the bar
Limited kitchen facilities, just a microwave
No plugs by beds

From £24

PLUS is the overall best hostel in Florence for solo travellers and it is super easy to meet others who are visiting the city alone.

Being located inside a former hotel means it has excellent facilities although the kitchen is an exception from this as it’s just a microwave.

The hostel has lots of common areas as well as a restaurant serving food.

For the sunny days it has an outdoor pool and a sun terrace for bathing. For the winter it has an indoor pool so you can still enjoy a swim.

Has loads of washing machines and

The hostel is about 10 minute walk to the centre of Florence.

Best PARTY Hostel #2: Ostello Tasso

Events in the evening such as live music
Good for socialising
Can be loud on Friday and Saturday night

From £25

Although not strictly a party hostel, but Ostello Tasso has quite an upbeat atmosphere with live bands in the evening until midnight.

There’s a great outdoor area which is good for socialising and a bar which is open late on Friday and Saturday although this can be quite loud if you’re not partying yourself.

The location is about 15 minutes from city centre.

Overall good value for money.

Best CHILLED Hostel: My Friends

Best location, only 5 minutes from the station
Homely vibe that is just like staying at a friends house
Very lovely owner
One of the more expensive hostels
Very small so could be quiet in off-season

From £31

Staying at My Friends is just like staying at a friends house with friendly staff that go above and beyond and a homely vibe

There is a fully equipped kitchen with a great self service breakfast included in the price.

On arrival, they will give you a personalised city map and all the info you need for a great stay

My Friends is in an excellent location, 5 minutes from the station and easy walk to city centre

The hostel has a laid back atmosphere and is good for meeting people.

Best LOCATION: Archi Rossi

Comfy beds in spacious rooms
Free breakfast with plenty of variety
Good location just a 5 minute walk from main station
No bar at this hostel

From £24

This hostel is in a converted hotel so as you can imagine the facilities are quite good.

In particular, the rooms are spacious with comfy beds and large lockers that will hold your entire backpack.

The breakfast has a great deal of variety for a free breakfast, including eggs, cereal, toast and fruit.

It’s an excellent location, just 500m from the train station. Great value for money.

Unfortunately there’s no bar or events for meeting other solo travellers so you’ll have to rely on using the dorms or common areas.

Best FACILITIES: Hostel Gallo D’Oro

Breakfast, lunch and buffet dinner included in price
Stylish hostel
Most expensive hostel
20 minute walk to city centre

The staff at Hostel Gallo will make sure you feel at home with friendly service. A breakfast until 11am, a small lunch and a buffet dinner are all included in the price. There are also free tea and coffee all day.

The hostel is clean and stylish with beds made every day.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and attracts a slightly older demographic so it’s not the place if you’re looking to party.

It’s not directly near the city centre but can be reached in an easy 20 minute walk.

Best BUDGET Hostel: Hostel 7 Santi

Cheapest Hostel
Friendly staff
Location quite far from city centre (30 minute walk)
Basic ‘no frills’ hostel
No charging points near bed

From £22

If you’re trying to keep the costs down in Florence then Hostel 7 Santi is the best budget hostel in Florence.

Yet another hostel in an old convent.

This hostel is one of the cheapest in Florence, however it’s also quite basic with a limited kitchen and no free breakfast like many other hostels.

Hostel 7 Santi is the furthest from the city centre, approximately a 30 minute walk, or it’s right near a bus station.

The hostel has a nice terrace for hanging out and the staff are very friendly – watch out for the happy hour too.

There are large lockers in the forms and towels and soap for free. Even though it’s cheap, it’s still very clean and a nice place to be.

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