Best Hostels in Barcelona for Solo Travellers 2019 – Insider Recommendations

Best Hostels in Barcelona for Solo Travellers 2019 – Insider Recommendations

There’s a lot to love about Barcelona. The golden beaches. The bustling Gothic Quarter. The mountains beyond the city. It’s no shock that the city attracted over 6.7 million visitors in 2018 according to Euromonitor.

I’m sure I don’t need to convince you with reasons to visit Barcelona, but with 150+ hostels, choosing the best can be a right headache.

During my three solo trips to Barcelona, I’ve made an effort to stay in as many hostels as possible in an attempt to find the best of the bunch. And lucky for you, I’m a sharer.

As a solo traveller, there are certain things that will be more important to me than when travelling with friends, such as the social atmosphere, events, privacy, etc.

The type of hostel I’m looking for will vary depending upon my mood. Sometimes I’m looking for a more lively atmosphere, sometimes a little more chilled, I’ve included a few options to help find your vibe.

Why My Hostel Round Ups Are Different

Have you ever noticed how many hostel round ups are scraped from reviews and descriptions? Well I will only ever include hostels I’ve actually stayed in and enjoyed so you can be sure it’s a good choice.

My Top 3 Hostel Picks for Solo Travellers in Barcelona

So without further ado, here are my picks for the best hostels in Barcelona for solo travellers, all tried and tested.

Best Chilled Social Hostel for Solo Travellers in Barcelona – Bed & Bike Barcelona

Credit: Bed & Bike Barcelona

This retro-bicycle style hostel has a homely feel and a relaxed vibe. Attracting a variety of travellers from solo to small group, from weekend wanderer to gap year gurus. The common area has a huge kitchen/dining area and sofas complete with classic friends on Netflix to keep you entertained.

The range of organised group events are what make this one of the best hostels for solo travellers. The events included free daily bike ride (bike hire €7 extra), free evening meals or sangria and a daily meeting point to join the generator pub crawl as a group. The beds have privacy curtains, a light and plug socket and the lockers are big enough to fit your entire backpack if you remember to bring a padlock. Skip to full review

Check latest prices : | Agoda

Best Facilities for Solo Travellers in Barcelona – Unite Hostel **Ideal for Digital Nomads**

Credit: Unite Hostel

This unusually shaped building houses a new and modern hostel. With super comfy beds that feel like home and well air conditioned room, this hostel is more like a hotel with dorm rooms. There are laundry facilities, a kitchen, lounge areas and a rooftop terrace.

It’s also in super close proximity to the beach with just a 3 minute walk. Whilst there are opportunities to meet other travellers in the common area and rooftop terrace, I didn’t feel a huge social vibe so this hostel is best for solo travellers looking for a bit of me-time or digital nomads looking to get some work done. Skip to full review

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Best Party Hostel for Solo Travellers in Barcelona – Sant Jordi Rock Palace **My Overall Favourite Hostel**

Credit: Sant Jordi Rock Hostel

On the roof of this hostel you’ll find sun loungers and a Jacuzzi-sized pool, perfect for hanging out on sunny days. Each evening, there is a free meal followed by an all-you-can drink cocktail for €10 in the bar area downstairs, sometimes accompanied by live music events.

Each evening there is a free pub crawl along with the other Sant Jordi hostels so you can always guarantee a big group and a good laugh. The beds are adequately comfortable with a light and plug, plus the large lockers are operated with your individual door key card making life easy.

There are an abundance of kitchen facilities for making your own food and the showers/toilets are clean and private. The top reason for earning a place on my best hostels in Barcelona for solo travellers, has to be the super friendly staff that made it a delight to stay there – thanks Charlie and gang! Skip to full review

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Full Reviews of My Top Barcelona Hostels for Solo Travellers

Review in Full: Bed & Bike Barcelona

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This retro-bicycle style hostel has a homely feel and a relaxed vibe. From my experience in the hostel, it seems to attract both short term guests looking to spend a few days in the city, and slow travellers who enjoy lingering for a little longer which speaks volumes about the hostel. I really like the open plan common area, with a huge kitchen/dining area and a sofa space with a TV which you could use to watch anything you like, although most people would revert to the safe options of classic friends episodes or Barcelona travel videos on YouTube.

The majority of the guests I met were travelling solo with a few in small groups. The daily activities at this hostel made it easy to mingle. These include a daily free bike tour (although you must rent the bike for €7 and it’s limited to 6 people so sign up asap), a free meal most nights along the lines of pasta or hot dogs and free sangria on Friday and Saturday.

If you do fancy being a little more wild, each night there is a pub crawl you can join for €15, it’s not run directly by the hostel but they have a meeting point at the hostel which makes it much less awkward when joining as a solo traveller.

The hostel has no bar or restaurant but in my opinion, this is why the vibe is nice and relaxed so not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, all travellers love a beer so you can get one for €1 at reception.

The kitchen facilities were good with 4 hobs, toaster and kettle as well as ample shelving and fridge space for your needs. If you’d rather eat out, the hostel offers 10% off their partner bar/restaurant around the corner which also has occasional free gigs although I never ventured here during my stay.

On the negative side, I didn’t rate the beds as being too comfortable so if this is important to you then I’d recommend looking elsewhere. However there was a privacy curtain, which I’m always a fan of when travelling alone, along with a light and power socket.

One of the biggest frustrations for me was the lack of a card machine. I’ll confess that I’m super millennial when it comes to using my card or phone to pay for everything and it’s something I expect everywhere in a major European city so was very frustrating. I hope they install one soon, please update me if you’ve stayed there and things have changed.

Review in Full: Unite Hostel, Barcelona

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There is nothing I love more than wrapping yourself in a big comfy duvet in a cool air conditioned room and a big cushioned pillow – this is where Unite hostel did not disappoint.

In a modern and stylish new building that looks like it’s upside down (see image below and you’ll understand), Unite has new and modern facilities all around including the pod-style beds, showers, toilets, lounges, etc. Next to the beds are the usual plug and light but an additional 2 USB chargers makes it really convenient to give your gadgets some juice. There is no privacy curtain but the pod-style beds offer a little more privacy than a standard bunk bed.

Whilst there is a super comfortable indoor socialising area complete with bean bags and hammocks, during my visit I found that most guests congregated on the rooftop terrace each evening to enjoy a beer. There were no events on at the hostel during my mid-week stay, but a few were planned for the upcoming weekend including Yoga brunch and DJ sets.

The hostel is in the neighbourhood of Poblenou which experienced a regeneration as part of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and is now a quiet but trendy area with hip cafes, offices and galleries. The location is perfect for the beach, I made it to the sand in under 3 minutes! This does mean that walking to the city centre is a trek or just 2 stops on the metro from nearby Ciutadella Vila Olímpica station.

When I solo travel, I go through phases of wanting to be social and wanting time to myself. I would suggest that this hostel is best for when you want a little time to yourself or if you’re a digital nomad looking to get some work done. It’s not got an overly social atmosphere but has a lot of luxury at an affordable price. There are always plenty of other ways to meet people whilst travelling solo outside of the hostel such as tours and pub crawls.

I normally enjoy making use of the knowledgeable staff on reception to find out a little more on the place I’m visiting and get insider tips. However, during my stay at Unite hostel, reception was usually so overrun that I had little opportunity to interact with staff after checking in which was a shame.

This facilities at Unite are top class for a hostel. This includes a decent kitchen with 2 hobs, kettle, fridges and toaster, laundry facilities, vending machines and I even spotted an ironing board! The restaurant on the ground floor offers gourmet style meals from €9 and is a nice place to chill out on your own or with new found friends.

There is no party atmosphere here, it’s more like a hotel with dorm rooms. I like that you can use card payments for everything, from the vending machines, to laundry and the lockers (although I often begrudge paying for lockers as luggage storage should be free).

Review in Full: Sant Jordi Rock Palace, Barcelona

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I have to take my hat off to the staff at this hostel. From the moment I stepped through the door and Charlie showed me to my room I can’t fault how engaged and friendly they were.

A nice touch for this hostel was the rooftop which had sun loungers and a small pool (about the size of a Jacuzzi so don’t get your hopes up for doing some morning lengths). Downstairs was a well equipped kitchen area with 8 hobs, 2 ovens, 2 microwaves, fridges and toasters, although it could get a little busy during peak meal times so best to plan accordingly.

Although this is only anecdotal, everyone I met at this hostel were solo travelling or with just one other person which made it easy to mingle and make friends in the dorms and bar area. I didn’t have the opportunity to try the free meal which takes place each evening but I’ve heard good reviews and managed to join the aftermath for drinks and the free pub crawl which was one of my favourite nights of the trip.

The free pub crawl takes place each evening and along with the other hostels in the chain so you’re guaranteed to get a decent showing. The crawl goes to one bar and one club but they can be a little pricey for drinks so make sure you’re feeling merry before leaving! The hostel welcome you to bring in alcohol from supermarkets, or there is all-you-can-drink cocktail for 2 hours for just €10 – challenge accepted.

The beds were comfortable enough to get a decent sleep, complete with plug, light and a convenient little shelf to keep your phone on whilst it’s charging. However the pillow was a little lack-lustre and absence of a privacy curtain stop prevent the hostel getting my full thumbs up for comfort in the room.

The lockers here were great, big enough to fit your entire backpack or suitcase in and operated by a key card so that you don’t need to bring a padlock (although any savvy traveller should have one anyway!).

The location was about a 20 minute walk from the city centre which was never really a problem for me although there is a close metro station. Being slightly away from the action could be favourable if you’re looking to get a good nights sleep, once the pub crawl leaves at around 11.30pm, the hostel quietens down nicely.

All of the typical hostel facilities were available including laundry, towel rental, bike rental (or even skateboard) and free luggage storage. This is my overall top pick for Barcelona if you’re looking for an all-round good hostel with a lively atmosphere.

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