The Best Day Trips From Madrid: Segovia and Toledo

The Best Day Trips From Madrid: Segovia and Toledo

I found myself with extra time in Madrid so decided to look at venturing outside the city on some day trips. I saw lots of vendors around the city offering guided tours from Madrid. However, being a budget traveller, I decided to go it alone.

Toledo was my favourite out of these two day trips from Madrid. However I’d highly recommend visiting Segovia too if you have the time.

This map shows where each of the day trips is situated in comparison to Madrid.

Here is a full 2 day itinerary of Madrid from the blog ‘My Path in the World’


Segovia is 56 miles north of Madrid, it’s most famous for its well preserved Roman aqueduct and makes an exciting day trip from Madrid. A UNESCO world heritage site, this city of cobbled streets and beautiful medieval architecture takes a full day to explore.

Getting to Segovia

I took the bus from Moncloa metro station in Madrid. It took about 1 hour and drops off within walking distance of the centre.

The bus is run by La Sepulvedana, look for their ticket office – you shouldn’t need to buy in advance. It cost me about €15 for a day return ticket. When returning to Madrid, remember to validate your ticket at the box office – even if it is a return.

Top 3 things to do

Roman Aqueduct – The roman aqueduct in Segovia has bought water to the city for over 2000 years and remains very much in tact. It runs right across the city and stands over 28m tall at its highest point.

Cathedral – Located in the main square, this impressive building is the last gothic cathedral built in Spain, having been relocated from its original spot near alcazar.

Alcazar – The alcazar (fortress) is a castle situated in Segovia, most famous for being the apparent inspiration for the castle in Sleeping Beauty.


The city of Toledo lies 74 miles South of Madrid and is well worth a visit. It is an ancient walled city found on top of a hill, surrounded by a moat – what’s not to love!

Strolling the streets of Toledo was like taking a trip back in time. Learning about its history was even more intriguing. The city is known for being a haven of tolerance where Christians, Jews and Muslims could all live peacefully together, even during times of persecution, getting its name as “the city of three cultures”.

Getting to Toledo

I took the high-speed train from Madrid to Toledo, this is the quickest and easiest route. The train departs from Atocha station in Madrid, it takes about half an hour and cost me €20 for a round trip. Once you arrive in Toledo, I noticed it to be a steep walk from the station, so consider a taxi if this isn’t for you.

Top 3 things to do

Take a Zip Line Across Puente San Martin – Visit this famous bridge and at certain times of day you can take a zip line right across it.

Toledo Cathedral – The cities famous cathedral was inspired by French gothic style with an added Spanish touch.

Toledo Tour Train – A great way to see the city (if you can afford it) is to take the small tourist train from laza de Zocodover.

Another day trip idea, visit Parque Warner (Warner Brothers theme park) just 34km from Madrid – find out more.

If you’ve visited Segovia or Toledo, or taken any other day trips from Madrid, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. if you are coming to madrid soon you have to visit toledo and segovia, beutiful cities, with a lot of history and roman arquitecture, castles, palaces, you will feel that you are a traveler time.


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