12 Top Destinations you can get Cheap Flights for Under £35 in 2018

12 Top Destinations you can get Cheap Flights for Under £35 in 2018

I’ve made it my challenge to hold down a full-time job whilst also seeing as much of the world as possible. As well as long haul trips, I’m trying to take as many short trips as possible – here are a few ideas.

Getting cheap flights is important to ensure I can take as many trips as possible. I’ve pulled together some of the top destinations in Europe you can get return flights from the UK for under £35. Generally, the cheapest flights are from London airports, but I’ve tried to include airports around the country too.


The city centres around the old town which was rebuilt after the second world war based on 17th century paintings. You can visit the royal castle, the palace as well as numerous museums.

London – from £17

Liverpool – from £19

Copenhagen: Visit the Nyhavn


One of the happiest cities in the world to live, and just as fun to visit, the capital of Denmark has a lot to offer including the wonderful atmosphere of the harbour and great views from the palace tower.

London – from £15

Edinburgh – from £23

View my top things to do in Copenhagen on a budget


Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located right on the border next to Austria and Hungary – it is only an hour from Vienna so you could always make a day trip across.

London from £25

Birmingham from £31



More than nine times the size of Paris, Berlin is a huge city with lots of interesting history. It was named the capital of Germany in 1990 when East and West Germany unified and today is known for its museums, castles and opera houses. There are generally cheap flights to Berlin from a number of UK airports.

London – from £18

Nottingham – from £19

Glasgow – from £25


As well as being the capital of Belgium, Brussels is considered the political capital of Europe due to being the home of the EU, NATO and many political groups. It is well known for its chocolate and range of beers but also invented chips and first theorised the big bang theory.

Edinburgh – from £18

Manchester – from £18

View down the Grand Canal in Venice Italy


The city of Venice is made up of 117 small islands, connected by bridges with only canals to get around – there are no roads. It is a picturesque city that attracts over 15million visitors each year causing many of the locals to leave the city due to its tourist nature.

London from £23

Bristol from £26

Nottingham from £30


The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is home to Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral. Dublin has one of the youngest populations in Europe – no wonder 10 million pints of Guinness are produced in the city each day!

Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London – all from £18



Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, boasts the largest castle in the world and the oldest university. But most tourists flock there to see the Charles bridge and to experience it’s huge number of bars. My favourite place to drink is the Vytopna Railway Restaurant – check it out.

London from £27

Edinburgh from £31

Liverpool from £37


The city of Sofia is built on top of roman ruins, this meant that it took 30 years to build the first subway line due to all the archaeological findings along the way. Like Budapest, it has many thermal springs although these are not well utilised.

London from £19

Glasgow from £31


Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg is one of the richest per capita and one of the safest. It is famous for its ruins of medieval fortifications and has over 17 miles of underground tunnels to explore.

London from £18

Szechenyi Spa in Budapest


Budapest was formed by uniting the old towns of Buda and Pest in 1873. The city has around 80 geothermal springs which can be enjoyed at the numerous public spa’s. It also has the third largest parliament building in the world.

London from £25

Nottingham from £35



Oslo is the capital of Norway, a small city that prides itself on it’s green spaces. It may be cheap to get there, but be ready for an expensive trip as it was voted the second most expensive city in the world in 2010.

London from £10

Manchester from £31


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