6 Ways To Get A Discount When Buying Your Interrail Pass

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Interrail passes can often be cheaper than buying the individual train tickets, especially if you’re travelling for longer periods of time.

The passes are already great value, but I’ve pulled together a number of things you can do to get cheaper or discounted Interrail passes.

Note: Interrail passes are only available to European citizens, if you’re a non-European citizen, you’ll need a Eurail pass which is very similar.

Interrail Discount Code

How Do I Get Interrail Student Discount?

Interrail student discount does not exist.

Interrail has a youth pass that is up to 23% cheaper than an adult pass, this is available to anyone under 28.

This is often touted as a student discount, but there is no requirement to be a student in order to get it.

6 More Ways to Get a Discount on Interrail

Here are 6 ways you can try to get a discounted pass:

1. DiscoverEU Free Interrail Pass Scheme

[On-Hold Due to Travel Restrictions]

What’s better than a cheap Interrail pass? A free one of course!

If you’re already 18 or are turning 18 soon, then you could be in with the chance of getting a 30 day global Interrail pass completely free.

With Britain leaving the EU, it’s unlikely that there will be many opportunities for this in future, however keep an eye on my guide to Discover EU to stay updated.

2. Current Interrail Promotions

From time to time, interrail.eu runs promotions on passes from it’s online store.

Click here to check for any current promotions over on the official website.

3. Check Prices at MyInterrail

An alternative to the official Interrail.eu website is the MyInterrail site.

This is operated by the UK’s National Rail network.

A few years ago, these tickets would be cheaper than the official site, however they tend to be more inline these days.

It’s worth checking out this page with their latest prices just to be sure. You can also get much faster delivery with MyInterrail.

4. Interrail Competitions and Prize Draws

Interrail often run competitions or prize draws where they offer free passes as prizes.

This is usually something like ‘sign up to our newsletter to win’.

Here is a list of the current competitions but it’s worth checking the competitions section of the interrail site for any updates.

5. Complimentary Passes for Influencers

If you are a blogger or influencer with a reasonable sized audience then you may be able to request a complimentary Interrail pass.

This is usually in return for sharing blogs or social media posts about your trip.

Submit a request via their dedicated influencer request form.

6. Use Multiple One-Country Passes

This one isn’t quite a way to get discounted passes, but it’s certainly a way to save on your Interrail pass.

If you’ll be travelling in central or eastern Europe, then consider getting multiple one-country interrail passes rather than a global pass.

The one country passes are much cheaper in these countries, so it should work out cheaper than a global pass.

I did some maths and worked out that you can sometimes buy up to 3 one country passes for less than a global pass.

If you’re a data nerd like me, the workings are below.


Here’s an example of an itinerary involving the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to demonstrate the point.

Price using 3 x one-country passes (youth, second class) – total of 10 travel days after accounting for the border crossings:

Czech Republic4 days in a month£59
Slovakia4 days in a month £59
Hungary4 days in a month£91

Price using a global pass with equivalent no. of travel days:

Global – 10 days flex10 days in 2 months £283

Total saving is £74

Is Interrail Worthwhile?

If you’re considering getting an Interrail pass, you’re probably wondering whether Interrail is actually cheaper than buying tickets?

Well, I looked in to this and found that it depends on your route.

If you are travelling for longer periods of time, or covering longer journeys, then it is likely to be better value. See my full post on this here.

However, I personally think the value is more than monetary. The flexibility it provides to jump on any train and keep my plans fluid are what appeals to me the most.

I hope this was a useful guide. If you have any more coupon codes, vouchers or other top tips for getting a discount on Interrail/Eurail passes, please share them with me in the comments!

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