Gift Ideas for a Colleague or Boss who Likes to Travel

Gift Ideas for a Colleague or Boss who Likes to Travel

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for a colleague at work, or have ended up with your boss who loves to travel in the office Secret Santa, here are 14 travel-themed gift ideas that are suitable for the workplace.

You probably don’t want to spend that much on a boss or colleague, so the gift ideas I’m sharing are low budget with most under £15. If you scroll to the end, there are a few at the pricier end for those super special working relationships.

1. Travel Savings Jar

Price: £15.99 – View on Etsy

These personalised savings jars from The Wander and Wild on Etsy are a lovely gift for a boss or colleague who travels regularly and will help them set aside any spare change. Free delivery is included but if you’re looking for a savvy budget gift the shop also allows you to purchase the custom vinyl graphic itself, you can choose your own jar and voila.

2. Travel Organiser

Price: £9.99 – View on Amazon

If your boss is notorious for travelling with lots of electronics then this is the ideal gift. With rubber rings, mesh compartments, memory card slots and more, this is the ultimate present for someone who likes to keep their finger on the pulse whilst away from the office.


3. Set of Vintage World Map Mugs

Price: £9.49 – View on Amazon

This set of vintage world map mugs might not serve your colleagues thirst for adventure but it might just quench their desire for tea. These high quality mugs are dishwasher safe and ideal for the workplace. Who knows, maybe the second mug of tea will come your way at some point.

4. Personalised Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

Price: £10.99 – View on Etsy

This personalised gift is a great way to show you’ve put some thought and effort in to the gift but still doesn’t cost the Earth. Available in white, pink, black or grey so there’s something for everyone and it’s an ideal way to locate luggage at those pesky airport conveyor belts.

5. Travel Magazine Subscription

Prices from £5 up to £35 – View on

When it comes to travel magazines, there’s no shortage of choice, including Wanderlust, Conde Nast, Travel + Leisure or National Geographic. You can decide the length of subscription according to your budget.


Sign them up using a work address and maybe you’ll get the opportunity to read them yourself afterwards.

6. Eco-Friendly World Map Travel Mug

Price: £9.47 – View on Amazon

Does your colleague enjoy a coffee on the morning commute? This is the perfect practical gift that they can use daily whilst still inspiring their wanderlust. As well as reducing the need for single use coffee cups, this travel mug is made from bamboo which is widely considered more sustainable than plastic – perfect for anyone who enjoys being eco-friendly.

7. World Scratch Map

Price: £10.80 – View on Amazon

This original scratch map from Luckies of London allows travellers to keep track of where they’ve been in the world by scratching off their destinations with a coin. It’s a nice way to see which parts of the world you’ve yet to explore and helpful when deciding where your next adventure will be.

8. 100 Places Scratch Map

Price: £10.99 – View on Amazon


World scratch maps like the previous idea have been a popular gift to share with travel loving friends and colleagues for a while. However, this alternative scratch map is a nice way to mix things up.

Instead of scratching off countries, it lists 100 great tourist attractions around the world as a scratch off bucket list. I actually prefer this as a gift to the standard scratch map as it’s a lot more realistic to complete.

9. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2020 (Hardback)

Price: £8.63 – View on Amazon

Lonely Planet is a signature brand when it comes to travel guides and inspirational books. I’ve included their Best in Travel 2020 which is my own current favourite and come in a hardback making it an ideal gift. However, you can browse lonely planets store on amazon or the Lonely Planet website to find 1000’s of book choices from the number one travel publisher, some colleagues may prefer a destination-specific guide for an upcoming trip.

10. Travel Scrap Booking Set

Price: £10.95 – View on Amazon

Does your colleague or boss love to share photos and stories from their travel adventures? If so, then a scrap booking set is the perfect gift to get going. This all encompassing gift set has the basics required to start scrap booking and get creative.


11. Mini Desk Globe

Price: £8.99 – View on Amazon

This small 10cm mini globe makes a great addition to any desk or office. Although you’ll have to be careful, it may get them thinking more about holidays than actual work.

12. 1000 Places to See Before you Die

Price: £12.33 – View on Amazon

I actually received this book as a leaving gift from my own boss and always refer to it before going away. It’s a nice little bucket list book that I hope to one day complete and is helpful for travel planning.

13. Leather Passport Wallet

Price: £29.77 – View on Etsy

If you’re looking to spend that little bit extra, try this leather passport wallet and show that you’ve splashed out. It has a large pocket for passport and money along with plenty of smaller pockets for credit cards. For a little extra, it can be personalised with initials or a name to add that finishing touch.


14. Glass Globe Whiskey Set

Price: £45.76 – View on Amazon

This travel-inspired glass whiskey set is one of my favourite gifts on this list although it has a price tag to match. This is a perfect gift for a special occasion where the whole office can chip in, you could even include a bottle of their favourite whiskey to go with it – maybe they’ll let you crack it open before the shift is over (wishful thinking).

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