46 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Here is a list up of 46 travel gifts for people who love travel, created by a travel enthusiast. There are gifts for her and for him, with inspiration for every occasion including birthdays + Christmas. This page contains affiliate links but this does not affect the price you pay.

Gift ideas are sorted by price bracket from ‘under £5’ to ‘£100+’. Use these links to skip straight to the section that suits you.

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1. Big Ideas Notebook

A great little gift or stocking filler – with blank pages inside.

2. Atlas Map Drinks Coasters

4 cork backed, vintage style drink mats, perfect for when you have guests round to show off your love for travelling.

3. Selfie Ring Light

Clip on LED light to take selfie photos in poor lighting.

4. Trip Planner & Travel Journal

Everything a traveller will need for trip planning and creating itineraries.

5. Packing List Pads

A great organisational tool for trip planning so you never forget an item.


Under £5     £5-£10     £10-£15     £15-£20     £20-£50     £50-£100     £100+

6. Travel Scratch Map

A scratch map of the world in a portable tube, scratch off the foil as you travel the world.

7. Little Book of Foreign Swear Words

8. Digital Luggage Scale

9. Waterproof Phone Case

10. UNO Cards

These are a must-have for any traveller – always a great way to pass time by on airplanes or make friends in hostels

11. ‘Saving To Go Places’ Money Box

The perfect travel gift to help someone save up for their next holiday

12. Lonely Planet Wall Calendar 2018

With striking photography and travel ideas on each page – this is a great gift for anyone looking for travel inspiration.

13. Compass Keyring

14. Leather Passport Holder

15. Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2018

16. ‘How to Shit Around The World’

Despite it’s eyebrow-raising title that could be frowned upon in public, this is a useful gift for anyone planning to travel. Written by a doctor who loves travel, it contains lots of information about how to stay clean and healthy whilst travelling.


Under £5     £5-£10     £10-£15     £15-£20     £20-£50     £50-£100     £100+

17. Scratch Map Poster of the World

18. Travel Scrapbook

19. Book: ‘1000 Places To See Before You Die’

20. Worldwide Travel Adaptor

21.Battery Pack

The most practical present you could buy for someone who loves travel.

22. Go Pro Head Strap


Under £5     £5-£10     £10-£15     £15-£20     £20-£50     £50-£100     £100+

23. Scratch Travel Journal

64 pages long of high quality imagery with 8 scratchable maps.

24. ‘Swept Away by Wanderlust’ Hardback Journal

Perfect for keeping track of travel adventures – full of inspiration and motivation.

25. Corkboard Map

This would look great in the home of any seasoned traveller to pin up travel snaps.

26. Lonely Planet’s ‘Where To Go When’

Includes inspiration for every type of travel adventure from city breaks to beach holidays as well as suggested time to visit. This is a great gift for anyone going travelling or planning a trip.

27. Memory Card

Anyone with a digital camera will be grateful of some extra storage.


Under £5     £5-£10     £10-£15     £15-£20     £20-£50     £50-£100     £100+

28. GorillaPod Smartphone Flexible Tripod

A gift for the smartphone photographers amongst us, this tripod can wrap around any object.

29. Travel Lock Box

This gift is very practical to help keep valuables safe. It is especially ideal for solo travellers off on an adventure, includes a cable to attach to fixed objects.

30. TrackR Pixel – Bluetooth Tracker

31. National Geographic’s ‘Destinations of a Lifetime’

32. DSLR Traveller Tripod

Lightweight portable tripod for DSLR camera – perfect for any travel photography enthusiast.

33. Levitating Desk Globe

More of a gift for business travellers, so that they can still marvel about the next destination whilst back in the office.

34. Underwater Go-Pro Dome

35. Cork Globe

This is my personal favourite, and top of my own gift wish list – perfect for pinning up travel photos from around the world.

36. Backpack

Perhaps an obvious choice? I can highly recommend this bag as it is the one I’ve been using for the last few years.

37. GorillaPod SLR Flexible Tripod

The SLR version of the GorillaPod I shared above.

GIFTS FOR £50-£100

Under £5     £5-£10     £10-£15     £15-£20     £20-£50     £50-£100     £100+

38. Kindle E-reader

I’ve included lots of books in this list, but these can be a bit bulky for any backpacker. A kindle is a great way around this.

39. Handspresso Coffee Maker

A portable espresso machine, for enjoying a great quality cup of coffee anywhere you like.

40. Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

41. Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker

As well as being a travel enthusiast, I’m also somewhat of a fitness fanatic. This tracker will count steps and track GPS – perfect for those weeks away without gym access.


Under £5     £5-£10     £10-£15     £15-£20     £20-£50     £50-£100     £100+

42. Globe Drinks Cabinet

With a vintage map design, this is the ideal gift for anyone who loves travel and has a decent drinks collection. 

43. AirPods

44. GoPro Hero 5 Session Camera

45. Parrot BeBop HD Camera Drone

Parrots first foray into professional camera drones and it’s surprisingly good – a great starting point for anyone looking to get into professional videography.

46. DJI Spark Camera Drone

For the more experienced videographer, DJI are the gold standard of camera drones.

47. Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are really popular with travellers as they’re small and compact but still have a quality that rivals DSLR’s – this Sony camera has great reviews.


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