[2019] Complete List of Travel Twitter Chats + Hashtags With Live Calendar

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Twitter travel chats are a great way to interact with other like-minded individuals who have a passion for travel. There are a huge variety of chats each week, month and year, I’ve tried to compile an up to date list of the most popular ones as well as evergreen travel hashtags that can be used anytime.

Also included are annual and international events that are popular with the travel community on Twitter. Scroll to the end of the page for my live calendar with upcoming chats.

For any amends or additions to this calendar, please contact me using this form.



  • #FunTravelChat

Hosted by @CharlesMcCool, @TravThoughLife and @FunTravelChat

When? Every Monday all day long

What? Weekly travel chat all about travel and fun. Topics often based on national events or topical subjects ranging from favourite destinations to travel photography.

  • #RoadTripChat

Hosted by @SouthernerSays

When? Every Monday at 9pm ET

What? Chat all things road trips every Monday, follow @SouthenerSays for the weekly topics ranging from road trips through national parks to handling a family road trip.

  • #Top4Theme

Hosted by @Touchse

When? New theme announced at the beginning of each week

What? Each week @Touchse announces a theme, share your top 4 photos of that theme, for example #Top4Rocks or #Top4Lakes.

  • #MuseumHour

Hosted by @tehm @KateGroome @HannahRMather and @captainchloe__

When? Every Monday at 8pm GMT

What? The most fun you’ve had chatting about museums. Follow @MuseumHour for the questions.

Other Popular Monday Hashtags: #MondayMotivation #MondayBlues #MexMonday (all about Mexico) #MountainMonday


  • #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter)

Hosted by @Traveldudes @MalloryOnTravel, @SonjaSwissLife, @RoniWeiss, @CruiseBuzz, @poohstraveler, @wildnavigator, @Intrepid_Travel, @MagellanPR, and @JackMoscrop

When? Every Tuesday at 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM GMT

What? The travel community’s biggest twitter chat with weekly topics including everything from travel with kids to working on the road. Find more info and latest topics on the TTOT Facebook page.

  • #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled)

Hosted by @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @RTWBarefoot @pip_says and @TheTravelCamel .

When? Every Tueday at 6pm GMT

What? Discusses destinations overlooked on travel Twitter chats, such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central America. Find out more info and latest topics at The Travel Camel.

  • #InspireToWander

Hosted by @IBBTravel and @JustinLaurenXO

When? Every Tues at 9pm ET

What? Travel community chat with weekly topics ranging from slow travel to off the beaten path. Follow @inspiretowander on twitter for latest topics.

Other Popular Tuesday Hashtags: #TravelTuesday #TuesdayTip


  • #FoodTravelChat

Hosted by @FoodTravelist

When? Every Wednesday evening at 8pm ET

What? A one hour chat about food, travel and all things in between. Follow @FoodTravelChat to find out the weekly topics such as bread, cheese and food festivals.

  • #ParkChat

Hosted by @naturetechfam and @59NationalParks with guests

When? Every Wednesday at 9pm ET

What? Weekly chat hosted by the US national park service.

  • #WednesdayTourist

Hosted by @FolderRed

When? All day Wednesday

What? Each week @FolderRed announces a theme, for example clouds, flowers, statues, etc for you to tweet your tourist photos.

Popular Wednesday Travel Hashtags: #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #WanderlustWednesday #HumpDay #WednesdayMotivation #WaterfallWednesday


  • #WeekendWanderlust

Hosted by @TravelLatte @ABritSoutherner and @wildheartedblog

When? Every Thursday at 9pm ET

What? Weekend Wanderlust travel community chat with weekly topics including airports, rivers, social media in travel, shark week and many more. Join the Weekend Wanderlust Facebook community or follow @WWTravelChat on twitter for more info.

  • #DCTravChat

Hosted by @dealchecker

When? Every Thursday at 10am GMT

What? General travel chat by UK based website Deal Checker. Weekly topics including the best travel deals, inspiration and national traditions.

  • #LuxTravelChat

Founded by @luxurytravelmom @mrsoaroundworld and @luxtravelchat

When? Every Thursday from September until June at 9.30am PT, 12.30pm ET, 5.30pm GMT

What? Chat about luxury travel

Popular Thursday Travel Hashtags: #ThrowbackThursday #BeachThursday


Popular Friday Travel Hashtags: #FollowFriday #FridayFeeling #FlashBackFriday #FearlessFriday


Popular Saturday Travel Hashtags: #WeekendVibes #StreetArtSaturday


  • #PTTravel

Hosted by @kate_frankie :

When? Every Sunday at 6pm GMT

What? A chat for anyone who has full time responsibilities but still makes travel a part of their lives. Weekly topics include bank holiday getaways, short breaks and more. Find out more at This Could Lead To Anywhere or follow @kate_frankie on twitter to find out the weekly topics.

Popular Sunday Hashtags: #SundayFunday


  • #StreetArtChat

Hosted by @StreetArtChat and @RoarLoudTravel

When? Regularly on the last Monday of the month at 7pm ET

What? Chat all things street art

  • #OutdoorBloggers

Hosted by @MissJTulip and @Splodz

When? Once a month on the third Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the month (find the actual dates here) from 7.30pm until 8.30pm GMT

What? Chat about all things outdoor with monthly topics including bucket list adventures and solo travel.

  • #SundaySunsets

Hosted by @Always5Star and @RoarLoudTravel with guests

When? Regularly on the first Sunday of the month!

What? Share your favourite sunset pictures, videos and memories.

  • #TWchats

Hosted by @twtravelnews

When? Regularly on the second Thursday of each month, at 3 p.m. Eastern

What? Monthly travel chat hosted by Travel Weekly, including influences, travel agents, suppliers and more. Monthly topics include luxury travel, foodie travels and cruises. Find more info and upcoming topics on the Travel Weekly website.

  • #iExploreChat

Hosted by @iExplore and @TravelMindset with guests

When? Infrequent but usually held on one or two Wednesdays per month at 1pm EST / 10am PST.

  • #TravelBlogTips

Hosted by @TravelBugsWorld, @SonjaSwissLife @dipyourtoesin @PokyLilWanderer @TheUncorkedLib @Kasiawrites @amberparkcouple @Vancouverscape @Primabl_ @mappingmegan

When? Once a month on a Sunday at 5pm UTC, not yet clear which Sunday

What? Travel bloggers sharing their top tips for successful blogging. Questions on Sunday with ongoing discussion through the week.

  • #ExpediaChat

Hosted by @Expedia

When? Infrequent but usually on Wednesdays 11am PT/2pm ET

What? General travel chats with topics including budget travel, weekend getaways, top destinations and more. Travel vouchers of up to $500 can be won for taking part. Dates and topics can be found on Expedia website or announced by @expedia on twitter.


  • #InternationalWomensDay or #IWD202 – International Womens Day – March 8th
  • UN International Day of Forests – March 21st
  • #EarthDay – International Earth Day – April 22nd
  • #WorldBicycleDay – World Bicycle Day – June 3rd
  • #WorldEnvironmentDay – UN World Environment Day – 5th June
  • #WorldOceansDay – UN World Oceans Day – June 8th
  • #NationalLighthouseDay – National Lighthouse Day (US) – August 7th
  • #IndigenousPeoplesDay – UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples – August 9th
  • #WorldPhotoDay – World Photography Day – August 19th
  • #CarFreeDay – World Car Free Day – September 22nd
  • #EDLangs – European Day of Languages – September 26th
  • #WorldTourismDay – World Tourism Day September 27th
  • WTM World Responsible Tourism Day – November 8th
  • #WorldCitiesDay – UN World Cities Day – October 31st
  • UN International Mountain Day – 11th Dec un




#LonelyPlanet (or #LP for short)



#TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange)

#RTW (Round The World)



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